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General Conditions of Sale and Use
Gift Certificates Print

These general conditions of sale (hereinafter the "Terms") are concluded between the company THE DUKES OF LORRAINE au capital de € 191,000 capital and whose SIRET is: 433 161 312, hereinafter referred to as "Seller" and Customers wishing to effect printing, gift vouchers offer presented on the website www.restaurant-ducsdelorraine.com hereinafter referred to as the "Customer".
The person using the Gift Voucher is called "The Beneficiary"
The Seller and the Customer together are called after the "Parties".

These Terms exclusively govern the use (printing, regulation and use) gift vouchers to be printed shown on the website www.restaurant-ducsdelorraine.com. The Parties agree that their relations are governed exclusively by these Terms. Prior to any printing, the Client agrees to have read and accept them when it clicks the box relating to its General Sales Conditions and printing gift vouchers.

Any printing implies acceptance of these terms and conditions.

Article 1: Validity of gift vouchers

The validity of the store voucher is finally confirmed and commits THE DUKES OF LORRAINE upon receipt by the Customer and the Beneficiary a confirmation email sent to it by THE DUKES OF LORRAINE after receipt of the check and cashing Regulation. The gift certificate is valid only in outlets of THE DUKES OF LORRAINE whose coordinates are specified on the contact page of the website www.restaurant-ducsdelorraine.com

Article 2: Rules of the gift certificate

The only currency accepted by THE DUKES OF LORRAINE is the euro.
The settlement of the gift certificate is by check by sending the example for HE DUKES OF LORRAINE (at 5 Avenue de Provence 88000 Epinal) accompanied by the corresponding paycheck the amount specified by the Client on the two examples of gift voucher.

Article 3: Value Gift Cheque

The client himself determines the value of the gift certificate. It is his responsibility to indicate the same amount on both copies of the voucher (that available and that which should be returned) and on the paycheck.
All amounts must be expressed in euros, without this, the gift and its regulation can not be considered as valid.

Article 4: Turning the gift certificate Expiration

The activation of the gift certificate is validated by THE DUKES OF LORRAINE after receiving and cashing the paycheck. Activation is confirmed by email sent to the customer's address and the recipient indicated on the coupon that the customer should refer to the Company Name + Company Information.
The Gift Voucher is valid for 1 year from the date specified in the confirmation email.

Article 5: Validity of information

It is the customer to verify the validity and readability of information (emails, phone numbers, etc.). Without this, DUKES OF LORRAINE can confirm activation of the gift certificate.

Article 6: Withdrawal period

According to the Consumer Code, the Customer has a withdrawal period of 14 days from the receipt of order confirmation by email. However, if the voucher were to be used, even partially, in this time interval the withdrawal period would be considered null and void.

DUKES OF LORRAINE will reimburse him the gift within 30 days from the date of receipt of the request. The customer must return the order along with the invoice and a RIB (bank account number) by registered mail with return receipt to: 5 Avenue de Provence 88000 Epinal.

Only the face value of the gift certificate "is refunded, possible delivery and return costs are borne by the Client.

Article 7: Using the voucher by the Beneficiary

The checks are used once and are not divisible (can not be used several times) and can not be exchanged.

The checks are valid for 12 months from date of purchase after this time they will not be refunded or exchanged and they will no longer be accepted at DUKES OF LORRAINE.

The Beneficiary may not use the voucher as payment for goods or services purchased from DUKES OF LORRAINE equipped with its gift voucher.

During the presentation of the gift certificate, DUKES OF LORRAINE is authorized to check the good validity of the coupon and by all means available:

Cheques DUKES OF LORRAINE gifts can not be exchanged or resold, even partially or refunded or credited to a card or a bank account, or be subject to a discount. They can not be replaced if lost, stolen or validity end. They can not be the subject of a request of objection.

Any order implies acceptance of these terms of sale.